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30 K In 30 Days!

I’m taking part in my first ever teleseminar! Its being run by a bunch of internet marketers who say its possible to make $30,000 in 30 days with no list, no product and only $500 to start with. I’m actually doing this to get up to speed on sales and marketing, which is something that […]

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SQL Server Reporting Services

I’m looking at a new project for an existing client that will incorporate SQL Server Reporting Services. I did a project some time ago for another client using reporting services and its a very cool product. About time we had a decent tool for deploying reports over the web from Microsoft. Anyway, I’m converting about […]

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ASP.NET Programming

It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. Seriously though, coding can be a very enjoyable creative process. It can also be a complete pain and sometimes deliriously tedious! As a professional ASP.NET Programmer I’ve written a lot of code, some of which I am very proud (or at least was at the […]

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Newsletter Manager – RSS & Atom Feeds

I’ve been working on updating my own website using RSS & Atom feeds. This is further work that started with a new service that I introduced at the beginning of this year called Newsletter Manager. So, Newsletter Manager uses RSS feeds to provide additional, hopefully on-topic, information links in the newsletter that readers can then […]

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Web Video Casting – SOUND

I did some test with the Canon Optura Xi yesterday to run through the audio capabilities and see how it performs. I have to say I am very pleased with it so far. As far as the audio is concerned I can: Manually adjust the level of the built in microphone Turn the built in […]

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Video Blogging – Vlogging

I have purchased a refurbished Canon Optura Xi to replace my trusty JVC DX7. There is only one REAL reason for this, although the Canon Optura Xi is a much better camera all round really. Anyway, there is one thing that is of paramount importance when creating a video. Whether it be web video for […]

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Web Video Casting

I have been doing a fair amount of research recently on web video casting. I have a camcorder, a JVC GR-DVX7 that I bought on a trip to New York City many years ago. The thing has been a great toy and trouble free for all these years. I have to say, I never really […]

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NEW AGE Backup Strategies

I backup all my data every night onto an Iomega REV drive. I bought my 1st REV drive just over a year or so ago. The 1st one burnt out within a month and it was replaced by Iomega. I used the drive every day and it worked well, though sometimes the disk would stick […]

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SQL Server 2000 – TSQL

I posted a while ago about a client of mine that has a custom built system with SQL Server 2000 on the back-end. Well, I was working on it today and thought I might post a little TSQL code here for your viewing pleasure… CREATE PROC stpDropDownEmployees_MGR (@FirstRowText nvarchar(50) = ‘—ALL ACCOUNTS—‘ ) AS SELECT […]

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